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'Art That Finds You'

My husband and I couldn't believe how much fun this turned out to be.

Sonja's Artwork created an immediate calm in my soul


Saturday October 28, 2017 Event - Join us - Havelock, ON, Canada - Flow Painting


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Saturday October 28, 2017

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Let your natural 'Spirit Artist' surprise you and your partner as you create an Artwork that will bring a lifetime of new memories.


Lassen Sie Ihren Naturkünstler herauskommen, wenn Sie die Farbe und die Leinwand entscheiden lassen, was das Bild sein wird. 


What's New - Was gibt's Neues -

< Was In Germany Recently With My Artwork and sister, Karin and our many Guests - WOW - what a Year

October 2017

Join me while I am back in Canada for a short while - I love seeing the Joy and Happiness that our Couples Flow Paint Events bring. When you and your Partner come to Havelock, ON on October 28, 2017 for this special Couples Event, you will leave with a special artwork you created together for your own home. Many couples display it in their bedroom or livingroom. Book early and plan to spend at least 2 hours - All materials and refreshments are provided. Looking forward to seeing you here.


September 2017  

It is a pleasure to be here in Bavaria, Germany with my sister, Karin and our many  Customers who are creating their own "Flow Paintings" with our instructions. More importantly, we love how their lives are further inspired by our 'Flow Paint' Events. 

Herbst 2017 

Es ist ein Vergnügen, hier in Bayern, Deutschland mit meiner Schwester Karin und unseren vielen Gästen zu sein, die mit unseren Anweisungen ihre eigenen "Flow Paintings" kreieren. Noch wichtiger ist, dass wir lieben, wie ihr Leben durch unsere "Flow Paint" Veranstaltungen weiter inspiriert wird. 

Spring 2017

 <<<Thanks to JT Foxx- I'm With My Artwork In NEWYORK CITY -  

That's how fast the Universe works. 

John (my husband and coach) sees JT Foxx at the end of January.  He visits  Coach Damien with Christine in March in North Carolina and as a result I am now in New York City with Fredick Eklund of 'Million Dollar Listings New York'  Fame and Hugh Hilton along with JT himself and Damien. 

Stay Tuned for updates

I'll be back in Canada in October to create some new artworks.

I can hardly wait to get back to my studio.

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About Sonja - The Artist

My European DNA

This Artwork is in my DNA from my Father and  Great Grandfather who both created their Own Unique Styles in Bavaria, Germany.

My Artwork occurs from a very Spiritual Flow that often catches me by surprise.

Diese Kunst ist in meiner DNA von meinem Vater und Großvater, die beide ihre eigenen einzigartigen Stile in Bayern, Deutschland erstellt. Meine Kunst stammt aus einem sehr spirituellen Fluss, der mich oft überrascht. 

Spirit Speaks Clearly

Ich sage nichts, wenn Clients zuerst die Werke in meiner Galerie beobachten. Ihre starken emotionalen Reaktionen auf eine bestimmte Arbeit sagt alles. 

I don't say anything when Clients first observe the works in my Gallery. Their strong emotional reactions to a particular work says it all.

Client Stress Does Not Survive....

...in the presence of This Spiritually Caused Art Form. 

Each person Identifies with some of my Works ... it creates a conversation with their soul. 

The Clients  Soul is my Top Sales Person and it is always right.

Allow Your Spirit to let My Artwork Find You. All it takes is the Time to look. 

Your Spirit does the Rest.

... in der Gegenwart dieser spirituell veranlassten Kunstform,

Jede Person identifiziert sich mit einigen meiner Arbeiten ... es schafft ein Gespräch mit ihrer Seele.

Die  Seele der Kunde ist meine Top Verkaufer(in) und es ist immer richtig.

Erlaube deinem Geist, meine Kunst zu finden. Alles was man braucht ist die Zeit zum schauen.

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Would you like to participate in one of our 'Life Energy - Flow Paint' Events as I travel the world? Let me know where you are located and join us live or online. See You Soon, Sonja

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